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The Star Wars Universe is vast and complex. Because there has been no word concerning what time Star Wars Battlefront will occur in, we've compiled a short summary of the periods of time in the Star Wars Universe.

The Old Republic

The Old Republic is the era of human expansion following the reverse engineering of Warp Drive technologies. This era also marks the rise of the Galactic Senate, and the unification of the inhabited galaxy. The Ancient Jedi come to prominence as they fight and win massive wars against the newly discovered Empire of the Ancient Sith.

Rise of the Empire

This is the era of the prequels. Though the Republic has massively expanded and enveloped many systems in their increasing web of control, dissonance exists in the Senate, allowing the Sith to launch a plot, millenniums old, to launch the Clone Wars and topple the Jedi Order. The Republic falls as the Senate is dissolved and the Emperor rises. The Jedi Order is all but wiped out.

Era of Rebellion

The new Galactic Empire faces fierce resistance from Republic loyal worlds, causing the Rebel Alliance to take up arms against the Empire. This is the era of the original movies. The galaxy falls into Civil War, resulting in the destruction of two Death Stars and the death of the Emperor. The Rebellion reorganizes first as the Alliance of Free Planets, then as the New Republic.

The New Republic

The Rebel Alliance is converting itself from militant resistance to a galactic government. This era is marked by conflict with the Imperial Remnant, the remaining loyalists to the empire left after the death of the Emperor. Luke Skywalker, the last and greatest of Jedi, begins to train apprentices to rebuild the Jedi Order.

The New Jedi Order

After decades of civil war and strife, the galaxy is finally at peace as the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant signs a peace treaty. During this time of peace however, a new threat rears its head; the Yuuzhan Vong lay waste to entire star systems, and poses the threat of human extinction. This is the era of the New Jedi Order novels and the Yuuzhan Vong chronicles.

Legacy of the Force

Luke Skywalker has created a new Jedi Order, unifying Jedis everywhere into a single cohesive group. Coruscant is reconstructing itself after the destructive Yuuzhan Vong invasion despite internal pressures and mini-conflicts. Luke has dark visions, however, and the return of the Sith becomes a possibility.